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5 Tactics that'll level up your email marketing game.

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How often do you sigh in disappointment when reading some boring self-promotional newsletters? And how often do you hiss, click delete, or unsubscribe from those same newsletters?

Many companies and even content creators make us cringe at their irrelevant and self-serving emails and newsletters we care less about. Forcing us to ignore their subsequent emails or newsletters or even unsubscribe from their lists.

But does this mean that Newsletters are dead and ineffective?

Absolutely not! In my opinion, I think as content marketers, we just need to view The Newsletter through a different lens.

The new era of e-newsletters: Newsletters and romantic dates.

Imagine going on a romantic date…

If you’re struggling to be productive then these truths may just change the way you look at productivity

Truths about time management
Truths about time management
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I can't tell you how frustrating the struggle with time management and productivity is.

And maybe you've also squandered a fair amount of time looking for practical and effective ways to make the most out of your time.

But the thing is, some of the tips and hacks we mostly come across are somewhat ludicrous.

All they do is force us into frustration and depression as we mostly have little or no success implementing them.

I finally noticed that there is a lot of good advice hidden beneath a lot of exaggerated or even counter-productive pieces of advice. And here…

And help you stick to your dreams no matter the difficulties you face

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Some people seem to have superhuman powers...

They persistently chase after their personal and professional goals year in, year out, while a lot of other people quit theirs.

They always manage to stay strong and persevere even through the toughest of times.

How do they do it?

Well, it isn't magic. They are mentally tough.

Mentally strong people have strong abilities to stick to something no matter the difficulties they face...

They aren’t brought down by failure, discouragement, burnout, fatigue, self-limiting beliefs, stress, etc...

And they always devise a way to succeed and excel at their tasks, projects, or any…

There's no excuse to leave you hanging.

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Sandra Allison recently met this guy who she really like, and they started dating and her heart was filled with excitement she can't wait to spend the rest of her life with him...

She started doing everything in her power to make sure the relationship works out fine without even being sure if he feels the same way about her.

Not until things start going bad and she found herself ignoring the really bad ones because she don't want to admit the person she love isn’t actually that great for her,

Unfortunately she found herself in a terrible relationship and…

The real reasons behind shallow and superficial relationships.

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That's all you want. You want to have great relationships. When you're in a happy and healthy relationship, you feel content and positive.

Because the quality of your life is a reflection of the quality of your relationships not just with your romantic partner but with people around you.

“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.” -Tony Robbins

That's why we all crave quality, deep, and healthy relationships. But most of the time, most people get in the way and sabotage the success of their own relationships. …

Beyond the hyperbole of the self-improvement industry.

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We all know that life and its struggles aren't easy. So, we can't help but crave happier lives, peace of mind, better relationships, successful careers, etc.

This has led to the rise of over $9 billion industry built around helping people lead happier and fulfilled lives.

The internet sorely played an important role in the growth and success of this industry making it a lot easier for just anyone to give tons of advice to millions of people who are endlessly looking to make their lives even better.

While this industry has in one way or another impacted our lives…

When they want you to approach them.

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After my previous relationship ended in the dumps, I've spent the last 6 months trying so hard to avoid approaching women no matter how "hot" I think they are.

At that time, I avoided approaching women because I felt clueless after series of failed attempts. I ended up joining the league of guys who think a woman should make the first move if she is interested since they are too complicated and kind of difficult to understand or else would rather remain single. But that didn't work either.

So, I began frequenting bars, coffee shops, and other places where guys…

There is more to the stories most self-made entrepreneurs are telling us.

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In the gig economy, everyone talks about side hustles. Almost everyone wants one. And some even go as far as having two or more.

No doubt, side hustles are a great way to procure more financial freedom. Great way to protect one's income and enjoy personal fulfillment.

We've all heard of how a handful of people made enough money to quit their jobs and face full-time careers they've built or started as a side project. But I kind of think, there is more to the stories these self-made entrepreneurs are telling us.

I recently stumbled upon

Even at the brink of failure.

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We all know that romantic relationships aren't anywhere close to being easy. Because, unlike every other basic life skill, relationships aren't taught in schools.

No wonder an entire industry is dedicated to providing us with helpful tips on how to enjoy better relationships and we are thankful for that.

While there is no perfect blueprint for successful and healthy relationships, from my experience I think avoiding the following things might make your relationship thrive even if it's at the brink of failure:

1. Expecting your partner to be perfect

Perfection is an imaginary space in your mind where you set the high expectation from someone. it feels…

Forget about flow and get more stuff done

Flow State Might Just Be Another Reason To Procrastinate
Flow State Might Just Be Another Reason To Procrastinate
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There are times we find ourselves deeply involved in what we are doing. Times when everything around us melted and time stood still. Times when our senses are heightened as we perform at a very high peak while enjoying the whole process of the activity.

We all know that psychologists call this experience "flow" and it can make us extraordinarily productive.

That's why I sorely depended on flow to get most tasks done. I've been obsessed with flow states I find it difficult to continue any task when it doesn't seem effortless, when it doesn't feel like I lost track…

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