7 Quotes From Robert Kiyosaki That'll Improve Your Relationship With Money

And transform your finances.

John Emmanuel
11 min readSep 9, 2022


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When it comes to money, there are two types of people in this world.

Some people are simply complacent and don't think much of their finances: What they earn, how they spend, and how they relate to money. And the other people aren't just mindful of their finances but are focused on working towards reaching a great financial destination.

Those who are nonchalant and unconcerned about their finances suffer for it. They ignore common logic and indulge in countless counterproductive defiances that are known to ruin people financially. And at the end of the day, they do nothing but expect financial stability to magically happen for them.

Those who are intentional about achieving financial success are the ones that get ahead financially because they don't only understand how money works, but also what it takes to build wealth, and how to make money work for them. Instead of the other way around.

You don't have to be so anxious about being financially behind to the extent that you slave for money all through your life. Ironically, it's the people who fail to see money for what it really is that is making life more difficult than it should be for themselves financially.

Money is nothing but a tool. Not the root of all evil or something you should slave your youthful age and even old age to work for. But on a subconscious level, some people prefer not to think about money in the sense that it isn't everything but in the end, work to earn every single dime until they die.

Your inability to see money for what it really is, understand how it works, and develop a great relationship with it, will, in the long run, leave you financially handicapped for the rest of your life.

Enter Robert Kiyosaki.

The famous author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrants, Why We Want You To Be Rich, etc, his entire catalog is dedicated to showing you not only what money is, but how to use it effectively to your advantage.

I love his works because his teachings are extremely valuable — they don't just teach you about money but also how to rock your…



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